"When a society or a civilization perishes, one condition may always be found. They forgot where they came from. They lost sight of what brought them along." -- Carl Sandburg

On Historical George Fisher

George (Jorge) Fisher, a.k.a Djordje Ribar, a.k.a. Djordje Shagich (1795-1873)

"....perhaps the best linguist living since he is a Greek and Latin scholar, and in addition to a knowledge of the Russian, Polish, Bohemian, Moravian, Slovack, Croatian, Dalmatian, and the language of Montenegrini, speaks with fluency the following tongues:  his vernacular, the Slavano-Servian, the Hungarian or Magyar, the German, the English, the Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian"--John Livingston in Protraits of Eminent Americans Now Living, 1853.

"We do not mean to suggest that George Fisher was as important as Stephen F. Austin in the history of Texas.  But we think it noteworthy that their lives were rather entangled.  Each wanted much the same things for Texas.   They worked at cross purposes, and each injured the other."--Parmenter, Fisher and Mallette in The Life of George Fisher (1795-1873), 1959.

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